Working at the intersection of climate action and architecture philanthropy, we fund community-led solutions that address the root causes and consequences of climate breakdown.



It is our mission to reframe how we relate to the planet and move beyond the limitations of extractive paradigms.

We fund projects that focus on innovative, localized work that combats climate crises through the unique needs of place and community action.

Our grants and initiatives strengthen hyper-local grassroots practices while centering the work of women, youth, and other historically underserved communities.

We work to

create a more just, caring, and restorative world by illuminating the need for architectures that extend beyond the constraints of the built and physical environment.

cultivate tangible impact through spotlighting distinct perspectives around organising, designing, and building.

reimagine how we relate to one another by uplifting collaborative and interdisciplinary practices that increase the equity, access, and resilience of the world’s most vulnerable communities.


Our framework for architectures of planetary well-being acknowledges the interdependence of our social and ecological systems.

A true disruption to our current systems will require action in building new narratives, cross-movement climate engagement, and the transformation of relational understanding.

By positioning the communities as experts of their unique experience, fundamental needs are met and connectivity functions as environmental response.

We honor ancestral wisdom, prioritise departure from known systems, and engage in discourse that furthers collaboration and care.


Our team is made up of non-traditional philanthropists, spanning backgrounds in architecture, design, culture, finance, and media.

Rikke Krog Hjortborg
Operations & Financial Chair
Carla Cammilla Hjort
Vision & Strategy
Doug Banks
Elvira Restrepo
Nicolay Boyadjiev
Practice Lab
Olga Tenisheva
Practice Lab
Isabel Flower
Communications & Media
Alice Grandoit-Šutka
Communications & Media
Yasmina El-Khouri

Our Work

re:arc institute is a non-profit philanthropic association based in Copenhagen DK. Our work is made possible with funding from the Interogo Foundation.

We provide resources to an annual cohort working in diverse approaches that support architectures of planetary well-being.