Practice Lab

The Practice Lab is a space of learning by doing where we conduct experiments to discover new projects, shape new initiatives, and prototype new models for philanthropy in architectures of planetary wellbeing.

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Experiment 1

Experiment 1

Practice-Based Funding

Professional architecture studios are overlooked & underfunded by traditional philanthropy, despite the huge ecological footprint of the industry and huge transformational potential of the discipline. Practice-Based Funding is an experiment supporting architectural practices to realise local, self-initiated and community-led projects that exemplify architecture(s) of planetary well-being through a variety of means.

In this first cycle, we collaborated with a range of people and practices across geographies:

Island City LabKingston2022
Material Cultures London2022
Region AustralBuenos Aires2022
Social Design CollaborativeDelhi2022
Territorial Empathy New York2022
atelier masomiNiamey2022